Wotofo – Alien Wires Coils


Wotofo - Alien Wires Coils
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Wotofo – Alien Wires Coils

Wotofo introduces a range of Prebuilt Coils for the customers who do not have the time for building coils. You can buy many different prebuilt coils. The Wotofo prebuilt coils are convenient for those who find coil building boring. These coils offer an outstanding flavor intensity with vast vapor production.

Wotofo - Alien Wires Coils

Wotofo - Alien Wires Coils

Alien Wire 0.30 Ohm – 10 stk

An alien wire is an upgraded version of the Clapton wire. It is a de-cored Clapton wrapped around a multi-strand core. A distinct texture of the outer wire makes it different from the fused Clapton. Wotofo offers prebuilt alien coils with a 0.30 Ohm resistance.


Indvendig diameter: 3 mm

Alien Wire 0.22 OHM – 10 stk

Wotofo offers prebuilt alien Clapton coils which come at low resistances for sub-ohm vaping. The alien prebuilt coils come at a resistance of 0.22ohm.


Indvendig diameter: 3 mm

Alien Wire 0.50 OHM – 5 stk

Wotofo er her nu med en høj modstand Alien Coil i Ni80 lavet af 30Gx3 og en ydre tråd i 38G, der måler en indre diameter i 3mm. Modstand: 0.50ohm


0.22 Ohm, 0.50 Ohm, 0.30 Ohm


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