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The guide to e liquids

It can be difficult to find the right e liquids, including which aroma and nicotine you should use. In this post, we delve into e liquids and come up with good tips on how to use them.

What is an e liquid?

An e-liquid is what you get in your e-cigarette, so that it can produce vapor with flavor – with or without nicotine.

The guide to e liquids

What does an e liquid consist of?

E liquids consist primarily of VG / PG in different mixing conditions. This can be, for example, a 50/50 ratio VG / PG, which is for smaller kits as it is not too thick in the liquid. The taste is more intense in this blending relationship and the coils last better as they do not “gank” as much. Gunker is a term for when burnt debris from the e liquid is deposited in the coil. This typically happens with a high VG mixture, as well as with sweet liquids that contain a lot of sweetener. 70/30 is best for subohm and a higher vapor level. VG produces more steam and therefore a more dense and thick steam cloud. This mixing ratio is also good for a “cloud chaser”. This concept spans the desire for as much steam as possible. Therefore, this 70/30 is the optimum for this type of steamer.

Furthermore, it is important to understand the concepts PG and VG. You may have encountered them in your quest for the right e liquid. PG stands for propylene glycol, which enhances the taste of the e-cigarette. PG is a translucent liquid that is odorless and has a mild taste.

VG stands for vegetarian glycerine, and glycerine is actually found in all fats. That’s why PG and VG are something you already eat through so much else. So do not fear that your body will initially react poorly when consumed. VG is somewhat more viscous, which provides more steam and the vegetable fat tastes quite sweet. All of these features are quite evident in an e-cigarette where it has to be said to be necessities.

Good Advices

There is actually more in e liquids than just buying and steaming them. First of all, you should shake your e liquid before use – every time. This ensures that your PG / VG mix, Aroma and nicotine are shaken together appropriately. That way you are always sure to get a “quality steam”.

In addition, you should avoid leaving your e liquids in places where they may be affected by direct sunlight. If you are new to e-cigarettes, the nicotine probably still means a lot to you. The sunlight can affect the nicotine in the e liquid and actually decrease the content. You will not find that you are paying for a product that you do not get.

Who produces e liquids?

E liquids are produced at factories around the world, and even to a great extent here in Denmark. Among other things, Crafted liquids and Sundbygaard in the country. These are two of the biggest brands in the country as they are well known for their high quality. In addition, Sundbygaard is well-known for being a good choice for those who want good quality at the cheap end.

Crafted Liquid’s range consists of shortfills and pure aroma, and they focus on a smaller product portfolio where these few products are largely cared for. However, there are far more producers than just the two, which is why we, at Just Vape, have assembled the best. As a result, you have a versatile range where you can choose from several solutions. We distribute some of the market’s best e liquids and nicotine bases where you can mix and match to achieve your preferences.

About our e liquids

All e liquids is mixed with aroma as this gives the liquid a taste. The 4 components of the e liquid are as follows: 1 PG, 2 VG, 3 aroma and of course Nicotine if desired. When you choose a shortfill with us you have to choose a VG / PG base and here are several different. A base without nicotine and one with nicotine, where there are several strengths of this measured in MG. All liquids and bases at JustVape are clinically tested and comply with Danish legislation. They are approved by SIK, which also applies to our hardware.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality at competitive prices. That is why we have allied with a wide range of partners, such as the one above, that will secure you one of the country’s largest committees. You can always contact us on +45 42 65 65 09 or contact @ justvape if you have any queries or other inquiries. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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