Find your next e liquid at Just Vape

It must be delicious and tasty to vape, and that it can be with the right e liquid! At Just Vape we have a very large selection of different delicious e liquids – it can be confusing to find around. We have therefore created this guide to help you choose the right one for your taste.

The words ‘e liquid’ and ‘e juice’ are synonyms with each other and thus refer to the same product – namely the liquid in the e-cigarette that forms steam.


E liquid for you with the sweet tooth

If you are already really fond of sweet things, there are good opportunities to find an e liquid you will love. There is a really big market for products with flavors of desserts, cakes and other sweets. Here KINGS CREST e liquids are worth highlighting. KINGS CREST is a brand that exclusively makes e liquids with flavors inspired by desserts. Furthermore, their products are of a very high quality, award winning and the taste is really top shelf quality. If you are more into soda or sweets, there are also plenty of e liquids you would love to find on For example, we lead it completely unique Dinner Lady, there are flavors of the quite traditional soda, cola.


E liquid for you who love the taste of tobacco

It may soon seem like it’s all gone into candyfloss and rainbows. It may seem despairing if you instead enjoy the classic and masculine smoking experience. Specifically; the taste of tobacco. However, there is no reason why! Just Vape carries a number of brands of e liquid that also use delicious tobacco flavors. If you want a very exquisite, exclusive experience with tobacco flavor, is Black note all through amazing. There is nothing on the globe that is as accomplished and exclusive as the black note’s e liquid. It takes at least 2 years to make their NET e liquid and have you tried tobacco e liquid many times without liking it you missed out on Black note.

Find your next e liquid at Just Vape

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E the liquid for cloud chasers

However, not all vapors can only taste their e liquid. If you are a so-called cloud chaser, the amount and thickness of steam from the liquid is at least as important. With the right steam, you can not only blow powerful clouds, but also learn to do very impressive tricks with the steam. Want to be sure to get both a great steam and a nice taste, is our e liquid from Burst My Bubble absolutely ideal. The name says it all: extra focus has been placed on the ‘clouds’ with the taste of bubblegum. However, this does not mean that the taste of the liquid has been ignored. The flavors are simple but good. In addition, these e liquids are also a lot cheaper than many others. This is precisely a great advantage if they are to be used specifically for making clouds. Namely, it may require a good amount of fluid to make clouds and tricks.


At Just Vape we have something for everyone. See our selection here. If you still find it difficult to find something, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on +45 42 65 65 09 or at  [email protected].

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