Everything you need to know about e juice

E juice is a synonym for e liquid, and we go in depth here with which ones you have to choose from. We review what e juice is and what suits your needs.

What is e juice?

E juice is a mixture of different liquids used in e-cigarettes. Normally, e juice consists of PG / VG and aroma. Nicotine can be added to this depending on personal preferences. However, the ingredients may vary from one juice to another, but the liquid typically contains 95% propylene glycol (PG) and vegetarian glycerin (VG). You can read more about PG and VG here.

Without necessarily knowing it, PG and VG are included as additives in a variety of foods from daily life. It is included in cakes and oral medicine to name but a few. In addition, PG and VG are included in consumer goods such as toothpaste and hand cream. Namely, the additives have some good properties in being able to keep objects moist.

There are an incredible number of juice producers worldwide, which has resulted in more than 8000 variants.

E juice is the liquid in the e cigarette that is obviously used to create the real vapor. The e-cigarette heats the juice between 100 and 200 degrees, which turns into the vapor you can inhale from there.

e juice

What is the difference between basic and regular e juice?

As mentioned above, there are an incredible variety of juices on the market, which can also make it difficult for the consumer to distinguish. First and foremost, an e juice consists of an aroma (flavor variant) where you have to tell yourself what you are up to. It is quite personal, but here you can just try it out or consider whether you are most into the tobacco or fruit flavor – or something else entirely. It is quite different from one individual to another. That said, you may have bumped into the fact that some are cheaper than others. And what’s the reason for that?

The expensive in the liquids is the aroma and all Premium liquids have more aroma in whether it is a simple or a more complex recipe. PG has a somewhat heavier flavor in itself. In addition, relatively congruent flavors are used in basic e juice, whereas in Premium you mix several flavors, which creates a far more unique taste.

A Premium e juice usually has a higher VG concentration, which ensures a much fuller steam. As mentioned, it is mixed with several aromas, which require a lot of extra. All Our Premium Juices are Pre Steeped. Pre Steeped means that they are too ripe and therefore have the right flavor from the blend of nicotine in the juice. Premium juice comes mainly from Western countries such as the US and for that matter also Denmark. In addition, Malaysia is a notable producer as they supply some of the world’s best fruit juices. Malaysia is also primarily the country that has made Premium juice with cooling incredibly popular throughout the world.

Which e juice suits me?

When choosing your next e juice, you should consider the above mentioned things. You need to consider how much the quality and taste mean to you. In addition, consider which flavor will suit you best. Finally, keep in mind that basic (budget) fluids are best for beginner kits and smallest steamer equipment and they produce far less steam and flavor. The mixing ratio, 50/50, will therefore be the most optimal choice as the aroma goes through more. However, you can use Premium if you wish.

At JustVape.dk we can help you, whether you need a basic or Premium juice.

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