Tropic King – Grapefruit Gust 120ml

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Tropic King - Grapefruit Gust 120ml

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This item: Tropic King - Grapefruit Gust 120ml
2 × Nicotine base 10ml
Nicotin Base
2 x 10ml Nicotine base 0mg = 0mg - 2 x 10ml Nicotine base 9mg = 1.5mg - 2 x 10ml Nicotine base 18mg = 3mg
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Tropic King – Grapefruit Gust 120ml

A slightly bitter juicy grapefruits paired with crispy guavas and sun-kissed strawberries blended smoothly to give you the most relaxing and refreshing delight.
Entire inhale is like just squeezed grapefruit juice drips into your month and while you try to swallow it smooth undertones of guava and strawberry mix hits the spot. Such fusion makes you go wild and you eagerly vaping more intense to open up new feelings and emotions.
This triple gust packed in 100ml chubby gorilla bottle with a 70/30 VG/PG nice throat hit base makes it possible to shape those large clouds doubling your satisfaction and excitement.

All orders are shipped with:
– 100 ml  juice – remember to buy 2 x 10 ml nicotine base

Nicotine Booster sold separately, no nicotine base is included.

PG / VG: 30/70

Use our Nicotine Guide HERE to choose your desired strength.

Tropic King - Grapefruit Gust 120ml

Nicotin Booster

No Booster, 0mg PG50/VG50 = 0 mg, 0mg PG30/VG70 = 0 mg, 18mg PG50/VG50 = 3 mg, 18mg PG30/VG70 = 3 mg, 18mg PG0/VG100 = 3 mg


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